As Bordeaux is the world capital of wine, it would be a shame not to enjoy a one (or more) beautiful bottle(s) ! We-Bordeaux has its entries among the winemakers in the area and can make a selection of Bordeaux wines according to your desires that await you on your arrival.

Bordeaux is "the place" to learn how to taste a wine ! Learning the abc with a winemaker in a famous school or with a wine grower in a château.

Bordeaux Transport

Parking: http://www.bordeaux.fr/p1264
Marcel driver: https://www.marcel.cab/fr/

To move in Bordeaux :
Tram and bus: http://www.infotbm.com/
Bikes : https://www.vcub.fr/
River shuttle : http://www.infotbm.com/ligne/BatCub

What we Bordeaux can provide you :
- Metro t​ickets, provided on arrival and on request
- Car rental​, on request
- Taxi (s​huttle from the airport /train ​station of arrival to your apartment)


We-Bordeaux offers to fill your fringe to prevent you from having to spend the first few hours of your stay in a supermarket!

A good breakfast to start your trip? it is possible by ordering our breakfast baskets!

You can also order our "local food" baskets, we will make a selection of the best products of our region (wines, pastries, etc.)

Explore the city​

A desire to visit the Bordeaux region and its vineyards? We-Bordeaux takes care of booking you a car (with or without driver) and can even offer tours of château in the different appellations of Bordeaux

We-Bordeaux can buy for you tram and bus tickets (for a day or week).

Want to learn to cook lamprey or shad? Learn the secrets of grilling with vine woods? We propose you to take a cooking class with a chef or in a château!

Comfort ++

Housework during your vacation? no thank you! We-Bordeaux offers a cleaning service during your stay or for your departure.

A gala dinner or fancy evening planned? You realize that your dress is wrinkled or that you have stained your shirt? We-Bordeaux has a cleaning and ironing service available.

Child Services

You came to visit Bordeaux with your family but a small romantic dinner may be a goof idea? We- Bordeaux also offers a babysitting service at home.

Baby cot on demand